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School layette 2019 - what will definitely be useful?

School layette 2019 - what will definitely be useful?

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We live in a time when everything we need is available in the store. That is why you can buy the necessary items at any time. However, there are situations when we want to be ready sooner. Because the preparations are pleasant for us or we want to devote more time to them. For example, for economic reasons, the possibility of saving money and shopping on promotions. That is why many families decide to buy things needed for school during the holidays. What should the 2019 school kit look like? Here is the list!

In the 2019/20120 school year, textbooks and exercises for primary school students will be financed from the state budget. A parent of a school-age child can apply for 300 plus for the purchase of a school layette.

School layette 2019

If in a given year we intend to buy the entire school layette for a child, we have to take into account the cost of several hundred zlotys, significantly exceeding the sum of the government layette of 300 zlotys. Just buying a decent new backpack or school bag for children will force us to spend about PLN 100. Another greater cost is the purchase of a PE and footwear outfit (from 60 to 150 zlotys and even more). To this must be added the cost of variable footwear and we already have a budget exceeding 300 PLN.

Of course, if a child goes to the second, third or subsequent grade and has the gear from the previous year, using them in the next school year will allow for significant savings.

What should the 2019 school layette contain?

  • backpack or school bag
  • pencil-case
  • interchangeable footwear (slippers)
  • PE gym outfit - usually a white cotton T-shirt, dark short shorts and changeable footwear with a white sole,
  • a notebook for each subject (for the first grade, this usually means the purchase of 16 card notebooks - for early school education, two - one to Polish - three lines, the second to mathematics, to English, to religion - if the child will attend, many schools require also a notebook for correspondence with parents, in older classes a notebook with a staff for music is needed),
  • two pencils
  • two blue pens (many teachers, especially in the first classes, recommend erasable pens),
  • pencil crayons
  • pencil sharpener
  • elastic
  • covers for notebooks, books and exercises
  • pastels
  • plasticine
  • poster paint
  • brushes
  • a cup for water
  • watercolor paints
  • drawing and technical block with colorful pages,
  • breakfast room plus water bottle
  • some schools require swimming attire (attire, flip flops, towel, pool bag)

When is the school layette the cheapest?

Every family is a different way of doing things. Some buy a layette much faster to easily choose the right things and save, others wait for purchase until the first days of September, when prices in stores fall and large promotions appear (however, then usually the range is very limited, in many supermarkets there is a mess, and shopping is more difficult).

Observing prices and insights into the shops offer is definitely helpful, which will protect you against false sales.


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