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"Nonsense, or cartoons for children and others"

"Nonsense, or cartoons for children and others"

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I'll tell you nonsense ... That's right. Just what? Such nonsense that arises when we have a really good mood listens exceptionally well, there is a smile, there are also significant glances, guesses, relaxation and curiosity in the eyes. However, it is quite difficult to create something that will have such an effect. You must have an idea. You also have to be brilliant. The tongue must be relaxed. The brain cannot be bound. Unfortunately, despite the freedom presented every day by the daughter, surprising at every second step and standing on the head literally and figuratively: I can't. I won't tell nonsense but Artur Andrus will tell her. He does it perfectly. When I read, I smile. I think about where I live, I wonder about everyday worries. And daughter He probably doesn't quite understand, because he can't yet, but he listens with interest in his eyes.

The book is dedicated to children from 5 to 7 years old, as well as adults. It reads like a good satire, a bit like a crib, in which people take part, from which on one hand we want to laugh, to realize in a moment that we are laughing at ourselves.

Artur Andrus, the author of the book, is a "person from the media." Rather well known. Singer, cabaret artist, poet, editor. Exchange can be long. He writes eight funny and illustrated stories. What are these stories about? About tolerance, kindness, lack of basic human reflexes, normal human ailments, described under the mantle of a metaphor and somewhat camouflaged.

The fairy tale is accompanied by a record recorded in cooperation with Piotr Bałtroczyk.

And what do I think about it? I say this publication: yes, yes, yes. She is great. Not just for children. And what can I say a lot ... I've read a lot in my life and I really know what I'm writing :)


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