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What a gift for Boy's Day? A few suggestions

What a gift for Boy's Day? A few suggestions

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We celebrate Boy's Day traditionally on September 30. On this day, the girls give boys small gifts: at schools, kindergartens, nurseries. Sometimes, we also give Men on Boy's Day. Below are suggestions for gifts for boys, rather smaller than larger ones. If you're wondering what gift for Boy's Day to choose, check out our list.

A gift for Boy's Day - a toy car

The most "male" toy? Of course, a toy car. Available in stores in almost any size. For Boy's Day, the smallest one, e.g. Hot Wheels, will work. Price around PLN 10 for the basic model

Boy's Day gift - a magnifier

Every boy can be a little explorer. It is worth getting well prepared to explore the world, for example by reaching for a magnifying glass. We will buy the simplest magnifying glass for 8 zlotys.

Funny pens

A pen with the name or maybe a boxing pen? Just search online for a lot of inspiration.

source: //, price PLN 8 each

Something sweet

The easiest way to buy is simply something sweet. If, in addition to sweets, we want the gift to be "cheerful", then you should consider buying a lollipop-pacifier.

Or maybe healthy sweets? Fruit bars, apple chips or other?

A robot to create from scratch

The robot can be built from scratch. Equipped with a two-axis electric motor, thanks to which the robot can clean up the desk. Cost (promotion) PLN 25. Available in Cheap Book.

Books with experiments

Books with experiments are available in many bookstores and toy stores. Cost from 20 PLN. In studies prepared for children, experiments that can be safely carried out at home are shown. This is a proposal for children curious about the world. They guarantee fun and entertainment in one!

A gift for Boy's Day - excavations

A lump of plaster and excavation tools equals good fun. There are many sets of excavations available in stores. One of them below, available in the Empik store for PLN 25.


Blocks are a toy that never gets boring. Especially if we decide on its different versions. There are plenty of blocks on the market. Among the proposals you can find ones that cost PLN 13 for a small set (e.g. such or similar as in the photo below)

Sluban blocks

And what do you buy for Boy's Day?


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