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"There was a life". A great family game. Another HIT

"There was a life". A great family game. Another HIT

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"Life was" was an educational board game based on the iconic series broadcast years ago. Translating the functioning of the human body. Over 120,000 copies were sold in Poland. This is not a surprise. The board game is great. Has really good reviews on the internet. It is ideal for children from 7 years (according to the manufacturer), 9 years + (according to us) and for adults too. Why do we recommend it not only for autumn and winter evenings?

What is fun about?

A maximum of four people can play. The minimum number of players is two. The board is planned in such a way that everyone chooses a piece and sets it to their starting field. There are four starting fields.

The game is about collecting globins, leukocytes, and medicines. The appropriate number of each type of chip then allows you to exchange it for hemo tokens. The first person to get 7 hemo tokens wins.

How to get tokens? By answering the questions correctly, of course. Whether the answer is good can be checked with the help of a special red stripe of "decoding" the answers on the cards. Big applause for this solution!

Advantages of the "There was a life" game

"There was a life" is one of the best games we've had the opportunity to test.

  • the game allows you to quickly and easily learn the principles of the functioning of the human body,
  • arouses the child's curiosity,
  • gives an excuse to extend knowledge. By asking questions, a child can learn even more
  • it can be fun and surprising
  • lets you spend time with your children
  • the game is well done,
  • the game has difficult and easy questions, which makes the gameplay more attractive for people of different ages,
  • there are so many cards that the pool of questions is really big,
  • you can play for hours and the game is not boring,
  • simple rules and high transparency are undoubted advantages,
  • attached "red slide", plastic strip allows you to check by yourself what the correct answer is. An interesting way of encrypting answers on cards - is an additional advantage.

Does the game have any disadvantages? It's hard to find. After many hours of fun, we don't know any downside to this board game .... Therefore, with a clear conscience, we recommend it 100%!

Price of the game - about 71 zlotys

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