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Irregularities in lactating milk

Irregularities in lactating milk

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Dandelions, unlike permanent teeth, accompany a child only for a short period of life. This does not mean, of course, that they are less important or you do not need to care for them every day. Many dental problems observed in older children have their origin in the period of primary dentition. So what could be the abnormalities associated with primary teeth? How do they affect the development and condition of permanent teeth later in the life of our children?

At what age do the milks start falling out?

The first milk teeth begin to fall out around 5-6 years of age. There are several reasons for this. First, the permanent tooth buds located under the baby's first teeth develop and gradually displace them outside. Secondly, the baby's jaw and jaw grow, which significantly weakens the joints that hold the milk in place.

The whole process of milk loss and replacement with permanent teeth is continuous up to about 12-13 years old. During the transition period, the child has mixed dentition.

little girl with magnifying glass showing her tooth gap

Too early prolapse of milks - often a trivialized problem

Premature Lactation is a very important but often underestimated problem. Many parents are unaware that permanent tooth buds may develop abnormally. They can be destroyed prematurely. This, in turn, induces many dental problems that the child will have to face later in life.

Premature proliferation of milks occurs most frequently on the basis of carious lesions. This disease occurs in various forms. For example, improper feeding of a toddler can lead to so-called bottle decay. It appears when the child often falls asleep with the bottle in his mouth. Or after waking up at night, he is given products containing large amounts of sugar. Among others, sweetened teas or modified milk. These products are a breeding ground for bacteria that destroy teeth. In older children, in turn, may appear so-called circular caries. Its development is also associated with an excessive supply of carcinogenic simple sugars and lack of proper dental hygiene.

Of course, caries is not the only factor contributing to the premature prolapse of milks. Equally often this phenomenon is conditioned all sorts of injuries. They especially concern children from the age of 1 to 3 years old, when the little ones acquire walking skills and often fall over.

Too early milk fall out - consequences

As we mentioned earlier, premature prolapse of milks is very bad. The consequences of this phenomenon include the following:

  • Delay or retention in growing teeth. Premature proliferation of milks can lead to the formation of compact bone tissue above the permanent tooth buds. This, in turn, can prevent or significantly delay the process of their recovery and contribute to the development of various types of defects requiring orthodontic treatment.
  • Inhibition of maxillary and mandibular bone development. The normal development of the skeleton of the jaw is dependent on its stimulation by causing biting. A premature lack of milkworms significantly interferes with this process.
  • Dental crowding and other malocclusions. Premature loss of certain primary teeth can lead to displacements of already erupted or permanent teeth. This, in turn, translates into problems of a functional nature (the child has problems with proper biting), but also of an aesthetic nature.
  • Speech problems. Large deficiencies in primary dentition (especially in incisors) can disturb the process of proper speech learning and require speech therapy.
  • Psychological problems - missing teeth, malocclusions and speech problems induced by them can significantly reduce a child's self-esteem.

To sum up, dandelions, contrary to popular belief, are very important teeth and should be taken care of every day.


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