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When to a child psychiatrist? About disturbing data

When to a child psychiatrist? About disturbing data

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Today, more and more is being said about mental health problems for children and young people. This is due to the growing awareness of the human psyche and disorders. But above all, problems in the family and at school that the child experiences. For young patients it is important to get help as soon as possible. In the early years, the human psyche is still forming. Changes that will occur in it (e.g. as a result of illness) will affect all future life. When to a child psychiatrist and how does help look if a child has a mental disorder?

Subject researchers note the growing scale of mental disorders in children. We're even talking about an epidemic. There are not enough places in psychiatric hospitals. We do not have a number of specialists because working with children is considered to be particularly difficult. A similar problem is observed in schools. The directors of many schools do not hide that a child psychiatrist would also be useful in any educational institution. It is predicted that the problem of mental disorders will increase. System changes are needed. And now.

When to a child psychiatrist?

Even 20% of children suffer from symptoms that meet the criteria for mental disorders.

First of all, to recognize that a child may have some problems (not only mental), one should pay enough attention to him and watch them closely. Let's try to analyze the child's behavior as much as possible and compare it to what it was before.

Let's pay attention, among others for occurrence depressed mood, deterioration of concentration and occurrence of unrestrained anger. Let's ask how the child sleeps, does not have nightmares, does not wake up with fear or if there is no bedwetting. Let's try to talk to the child about what worries us and assess his reaction. Let's check whether he is not indifferent or whether the young man does not answer questions aggressively. It is also worth observing what is his attitude towards the environment? - whether he is less interested in it or whether everything around them distracts them.

Of course, you should be aware of some of the behaviors and symptoms listed here may occur in the child only for a short time. Disturbing symptoms do not have to be associated with mental disorders. However, if it occurred a sudden change in behavior, in which case you should see a specialist as soon as possible. Preferably, it will be a child psychiatrist right away. This is necessary when the child became aggressive, began to tell disturbing things. And also when his mental state is not improving or is constantly getting worse.

What does a child psychiatrist do?

Child psychiatrist is a doctor who deals with problems related to disorders and mental health of children and adolescents. His job is to diagnosing mental illnesses and disorders and conducting appropriate and best treatment for the patient. Sometimes, in addition to conversations and psychiatric examinations, consultations with other specialists may be useful, among others neurologist, sexologist or psychologist.

Neurological consultation aims to investigate whether the patient's symptoms are related to nervous system diseases such as brain tumors or epilepsy. sexologist will help to deal with problems regarding the sexual development of children and young people and their possible sexual experiences. However, in both pediatric and adult psychiatry, it is with psychologist involves a psychiatrist close cooperation. He helps to meet and understand the patient's personality and, if possible, diagnose the possible cause of the problem. Very often psychologists also have appropriate knowledge and skills that allow them to carry out psychotherapy. It is to help in regaining mental balance and overworking the problem bothering the patient.

When to a child psychiatrist? The most common problems in the office

There are many psychological problems. However, among children and adolescents some of them appear much more often. These include depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (formerly known as obsessive-compulsive disorder) or behavioral disorders.

A common problem faced by young patients, especially teens, are eating disorders in the form of anorexia or bulimia.

The youngest patients are usually diagnosed in a psychiatrist's office autism spectrum disorder, and disorder of activity and attention, which include the famous ADHD.

Very often there is also self-aggression - especially self-mutilation. They are also becoming more common suicide attempts. In 2018, for a living 160 students (up to 13 years old) have been targeted in Poland, six times more than in 2013. Among young people (13-18 years old) - 746 teenagers (data from the National Police Headquarters). It should be noted that only dramatic situations go to police statistics. These data may be even more worrying. Poland is among the infamous leaders among countries with the highest number of suicides among children and young people - second in Europe.


Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, especially in children sometimes it is very difficult therefore, be patient and trust your doctor. The most important thing a parent can do is to closely observe the child's behavior and talk to him, and if you suspect that your child may have mental health problems, seek specialist help as soon as possible.

For a child's mental health problems, the most important thing isto see a specialist as soon as possible. Sometimes in society you can still hear opinions stigmatizing people suffering from mental disorders. However, it should be emphasized that such behavior is completely groundless and should not take place at all. Seeking help for mental health problems is not an act of courage, but normal, rational behavior. When we have heart problems, we go to a cardiologist, if we feel worse mentally, then we go to a psychiatrist for help. Despite fears or reluctance, it is worth going to a specialist for help, because changes in the psyche, especially if they occur at an early stage of life, can affect all future life.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing once again that mental health is one of the most important values ​​that each of us should care for as best we can. So if you notice that we or someone close to you may have some problems, do not hesitate to go to a specialist for help, because it can really help us regain mental balance, and thus also stability and comfort of life.


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