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Changing tables, toilets and parents' equality

Changing tables, toilets and parents' equality

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Just a brief look at the internet content to see that the problem exists. Not only in Poland, but also throughout Western Europe.

Despite the progress, modern thinking, making life easier at every step for everyone, paying attention to the needs of parents, there is still a lack of placesin which you can easily change your child in good conditions. Even if the changing tables are, all too often there is a separate space in the women's toilet. Men do not spare bitter words, they believe that in this way their role as fathers is marginalized and they themselves are discriminated against. They feel uncomfortable when given a choice: or scrolling in the middle of winter in the car or in the women's toilet, where they feel like intruders.

Polish realities

Of course, many supermarkets, shops, restaurants is up to the challenge and provides parents with a special room / toilet for children, which can be accessed after obtaining the key or calling the door.

There is often a camera in front of the door, operated by a security guard, who observes whether an adult with a child is actually entering. The issues of changing places and children's toilets are also addressed in a different way.

Shared changing table in the toilet for disabled people, where you can enter both male and female. Unfortunately, especially in smaller establishments it still remains changing table problem, which are set only in women's toilets.

Here are two of the forum quotes you can find on the internet:

"My husband took children today (5.5 years and 3.5 msca) for shopping, so that I could take in the apartment at that time, etc. In Real, the little one got into Pampers, so my husband wanted to change him. It turned out that the changing table is only in the toilet the woman and the lady who cleaned there refused to enter her husband, declaring that it was ONLY for women ONLY. Maz asked that in that case she would go with him and stand on the "guard" so that he could calmly rewind the little, for which she rebuked him that she had what to do now. It ended up scrolling in a cold car in the parking lot. "

"Several times it has already happened that the husband, being with his daughter, has to go to the toilet with her (not now, but 2 years ago) and he was always driven out because it is FEMALE. It doesn't make sense, because why should a little girl watch men urinating in a men's toilet?
Do you also have such accidents?

Statements by foreign bloggers

More and more couples share upbringing and childcare. Equally or partnerly. Not only entire families but also daddies with kids come to shops and restaurants. Quite a large part of them are also single parents (Dads who raise children alone are, despite appearances, a large group). Among other things, they, as indicated by notes on blogs and on Internet forums, were to deal with various unpleasant situations related to the need to visit a women's toilet, in which the changing table is located. Many of them humorously and irritably write about:

  • Hairy legs in the women's toilet are clearly associated: with perversion, an attempt to peek, or yet other hidden fantasies,
  • women coming out of the toilets are often concerned that the man may have heard what they are talking about. And various discussions are taking place in the toilet,
  • sometimes ladies entering the toilet, withdraw when they notice a man, think that they have confused the toilet,
  • they feel they are intruders, unwelcome, out of place.

All this makes it even initiative to print special information, stickers and attaching them to the door or to the back of a man passing a child, informing thatthat he uses the women's toilet not from the need to satisfy his socially unacceptable needs, but from the toddler's usual physiological need:

Information that there is a man in the women's toilet

Not for discrimination

Bearing in mind the above and the ordinary human desire to feel good in every situation, and especially when we often need to change our child at different times, we urge that changing tables appear not only in women's toilets, but also in men's. The more that this simple device does not take up much space, the cost of mounting it is small. They can be easily folded and unfolded when there is a need, so attached to the wall really does not bother anyone.

That is why we say NO to discrimination against men. Also in such seemingly trivial scope. Wherever possible, create special rooms for parents with children, and where there is no place for it, let the owner of the facility decide to install two changing tables: in the men's and women's toilets. It's a necessity today.

Glorious examples? Changing table in men's toilet, among others, at the airport in Stockholm. And that's it!

And what do you think about it?