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Electronic journal - all pros and what?

Electronic journal - all pros and what?

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The premise is simple. The electronic journal is a 21st century solution. It replaces fully traditional paper dailies that we know from schools. The teacher no longer has a "large notebook" in front of him in which he writes down grades and checks attendance. He uses a computer and both the management and parents have access to what he writes. What does this facility involve? It really has only pros, or maybe some cons?

Journal once and today

Many of us nostalgically recall school times. A lot of interesting stories are associated with the class diary, which sometimes remained "unattended" in the room and tempted to look into it and even write something ...

It happened that the diary moved to another room on the instruction of the teacher. This diary was also a terror for the student. Theoretically, grades should be known, but often teachers did not immediately want to inform about them, which was associated with considerable emotions. Often, students tried to read what they received for the grade, forecasting after the teacher's hand movement or after his passing ...

Everything looks different today. There are no more paper journals. All information is in the e-journal. The electronic journal is a tool that, in principle, is intended to serve teachers, headmasters, as well as parents and students.

How does an electronic journal work?

The electronic journal allows you to monitor your child's progress on an ongoing basis. Depending on the type selected - Librus or Vulcan - offers various options. The parent can log in at any time and see if the daughter or son has received a degree. Each grade is described, which is why it is known exactly what the student got a certain degree for. You can check the timetable, completed lessons, canceled, changes in the plan, homework, information about tests, trips. In addition, Vulcan gives you the opportunity to check how your child falls out against the background of the class (how many grades of a given type have been put up).

In addition, the e-diary informs about days off from school hours. It is also a convenient form of contact with a teacher. Some pedagogues, please, directly use the electronic journal to communicate with them. Why? Because all matters discussed remain in "memory". They are an additional tool to protect the teacher and parent. Because the former is able to prove that he intervened in the case (announced what will be done), the latter can accurately analyze what problems and when his child was struggling with.

Not all parents are also aware of that The e-journal allows teachers to assess parental involvement. Educators see in the system how often parents log in and thus draw conclusions whether parents are interested in the child's education.

Certainly e-journal is a good communication tool. It allows you to send messages to any teacher in the school.

The parent knows everything, the e-journal in practice

Theoretically, an electronic diary makes life easier. Makes it possible to control grades on a regular basis, there is no surprise on the interview. On the one hand it's fantastic, on the other there are voices that there are also some disadvantages to this solution.

"The parent has insight into most things - you can see the grades and for what. Homework, attention and praise. Contact with teachers is facilitated and truancy is difficult. Monika

By the time the child returns home, the parent already knows the grade. You can't boast about how it went on the checkup. Parent checked earlier. Unless there is an agreement that mom or dad will not log into the e-journal while the child is in school. This is a solution to consider.

In addition, many parents notes that the e-diary makes the child a bit lazy and makes it difficult to teach him responsibility. In the past, the student had to remember when and what to bring to school, he had to know about homework, tests, etc. Today, often these responsibilities rest on the shoulders of parents. It is the parent who controls the child and watches over them at every step, living by school affairs.

"It's unfortunately a surveillance. I never tell a child I know something until he tells me himself. "Adriana

Marta has a similar opinion: "We adults exaggerate with this control our kids." And Joanna: "I have mixed feelings. It seems like a good solution, because you know everything, but communication between you and the child disappears, and the child does not have to remember to tell something to parents. The stick always has two ends. "And that's how Paula sums it up:

"The downside is that 99% of parents do not give children the chance to be independent. I do not check homework in the e-diary, because the young person has to remember alone or checks himself in my phone on the e-diary, what is asked. I check the grades every other third day so that he has the opportunity to show off himself. The only thing I check is the timetable, if there are any changes and messages from teachers. I will add that young in 2nd grade and we have been doing so since the first grade. I helped pack only the first month of first class. "

What about these ratings? Average from an electronic journal

The e-journal is intended to facilitate the evaluation of children. No situation, when someone gets a better degree for "beautiful eyes" and someone worse "because you got trapped."

The electronic journal counts and weighs grades by the end of the year. Calculates the average (arithmetic or weighted) and suggests a grade. This greatly facilitates rating.

Unfortunately, the parents themselves are often a problem. Some are so involved in checking the ratings that they are fighting for each according to them unfairly. They write messages to teachers, demanding the possibility of improving grades, even for four ... They are involved, but excessively, not allowing the child to be independent.


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