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Fitti diapers from Biedronka

Fitti diapers from Biedronka

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I agree that no matter what, because every child falls asleep and ... gets dirty, but if I wanted to, I am not able to like them. It is certainly true that Fitti diapers, which can only be bought in Biedronka, due to the low price (26 zlotys) for 64 pieces and several advantages (yes, they are) find a group of supporters. If it were otherwise, they would naturally disappear from the market. However, I see in them definitely more disadvantages than advantages ...

A wet nightmare

We have given up diapers during the day long ago. However, the daughter is still sleeping in a diaper. Although this happens very rarely, sometimes in the morning the diaper turns out to be pissed. Interestingly, the contents of the night diaper is scanty, and so in the case of Fitti can leak.

We bought Fitti nappies when the daughter was still wearing nappies during the day. Until now, we are not able to use up the entire packaging. We decided to buy them only because we did not receive Dad in our size. Unfortunately, we quickly regretted this decision. Low absorbency makes them almost useless in our case, and using them is difficult to call indifferent, let alone pleasant.

Not for a day

Diapers are not very suitable for the night. Unfortunately, they fall just as bad during the day. In the case of a busy toddler they do not work well. Not only that, they are extremely stiff, but during the movement there is a "splashing" of the insert and leaks.
In addition, checking the contents of the diaper does not make it easier to fasten the method we met for the first time: in the place where the diaper adjusts, there are foil patches (like a piece of adhesive tape) instead of the classic sticky. Once they are stuck, they are difficult to peel off, but after a few peels they remain useless. Even if the diaper stays dry, you must throw it away.

Stiff as cardboard

The worst thing about these diapers is the feeling they give to the touch. They are stiff and extremely little "plastic". In addition, also thicker than other diapers. They do not fall on the baby's butt, but stand out clearly and seem coarse when moving.
This structure makes them weakly breathable and forms a barrier like a kind of armor.


I will not speak here, because my daughter had no nappies at all. Although we did not use creams after changing: only for the first weeks of the child's life (later only when there was slight redness, we used Sudocrem as a preventive measure), I easily came across reviews on the Internet that indicate that burns after using Fitti diapers are on agenda, which of course does not mean that they always appear in every child.


Fitti diapers also have pros, for which they are chosen by a large group of people. First of all: low price. Many people say that it is not worth overpaying when buying expensive diapers and this argument is most understandable to me.

Secondly: easy accessibility: we receive diapers in every Biedronka store, and there are plenty of them in larger and smaller cities.

Economical decoration of the diaper surface is also an asset for many.

Fitti diapers are longer than their Dada alternative, which makes them more practical for taller children.

And what do you think about Fitti diapers?