Creative fun with Czuczu

Creative fun with Czuczu

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Creative Games Draw from Czuczu are sets prepared for children of different ages. Presented next to are dedicated to the youngest group of preschoolers from three to four years of age.

In the package you will find a pen, a cloth and 25 double-sided cards (50 illustrations) for repeated painting and erasing. Each of the cards presents tasks to be performed adapted to the child's age. The toddler can devote any amount of time to each card, and when he wishes, erase and start again.

Plus for durability, card content and good product availability (for online purchase and on Rossmann networks). Minus for the price - 34.90 and for not adapting the cards to the needs of left-handed children who, while writing, will erase what they wrote.
Overall rating: Creative fun with Czuczu sosrodzice


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