Pregnancy / Childbirth

What should a pregnant woman do?

What should a pregnant woman do?

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The Labor Code, currently introduced amendments to the Act on maternity and parental leave, childbirth, childcare and a number of other legal aspects are one side of the coin that a woman expecting a child meets.

The other side is the social issue, as I would put it. The pre-Christmas period is behind us. Huge queues in the stores, repacked parking lots, crowded city buses and trams. And how to deal with all this with the tummy tearing out from under the jacket?
Because when it comes to places on the bus or tram, the matter is rather clear. There are separate places, stamps. Several times I personally gave way to the place when, after passing several stops "on the herring" by the windshield, I managed to push myself deep into the vehicle.

Interestingly, from my personal observations and experience, younger people are more often ready to give up the place. Guys from middle school or high school are almost outdoing each other and when they get up they are a whole packet. And so suddenly you have a whole 4-seat flat at your disposal: p Window, facing forward? Please :) Choose your color :)

And in general I noticed some more understanding among students ... What terribly pleases - a feeling of empathy in the nation at a time when you have a diaphragm at ear height and wheezes like bellows in the forge is a desirable symptom ...

Oddly enough, less of this understanding for people 40+. I have nothing against sitting 80-year-old ladies - I even give up myself, but does it necessarily 5 shopping bags have to rest in a theoretically free place next to a theoretically young, because a 45-year-old woman returning from the mall?

The second aspect is (again theoretically, because I verified it at the pre-Christmas tail in the market) cash registers "for privileged people". Somehow, women with a tummy, a baby in their arms or people in wheelchairs did not notice there, and they had to be off ... There was no question about the reduced tariff at the end of the 8th month of pregnancy.

What is done for pregnant women?

This problem was already raised much earlier, among others in the campaign "A different state, different treatment"Carried out by the Falvit brand, the Polish Gynecological Society, the Mama Foundation and the Childbirth Foundation.

"In 2009, we focused on the ranking of pregnant-friendly places and fought to restore the provisions of the Social Assistance Act, which says about serving out of order of disabled people, pregnant women and parents with children under three years of age," we read in the description of the campaign on Mama Foundation website.

"Through the campaign, we wanted to show that pregnancy is not a disease, but ... it is really hard for us to stand in long lines and during a long public transport ride. Due to the fact that the provision on the provision of services for disabled persons, pregnant women and mothers with children out of order was removed from the amended Act on social assistance in 2004, future mothers have a much more difficult situation in claiming their privileges. The second edition of the campaign <> is to point out that a pregnant woman needs our special care and responsibility and to encourage various companies and facilities to introduce facilities for pregnant women. "

Despite the 4 years that have passed since then - as you can see - it is still not the easiest one.

Interestingly, the situation has slightly improved in terms of parking spaces (we wrote about it here). Often in the galleries there are special stickers supporting parking for pregnant women closer to the entrance to the center, which, I do not hide, I regularly use. It is much easier for me to stand a few minutes of standing on a bus or queue in a store than to travel kilometers of smoky underground car parks.

However, I think it is debatable whether one should take the place of people with physical disabilities.
However, a way was found in Rzeszów. There appeared, thanks to the initiative of the WORD Director - Marek Poręba, with the support of the Safe Belly Foundation, signs indicating parking spaces for pregnant women.

People who want to support the organization of such places by the owners and managers of parking lots located outside the "traffic zone" can write to the address Provincial Road Traffic Center in Rzeszów 35-501 Rzeszów, Al. Wyzwolenia 4 or to the address of the foundation: Fundacja Bezpieczny Brzuszek ul. Legnicka 65 54-206 Wroclaw. The organizers, at the request of applicants, provide such entities with the patented "pregnant woman" marks. They especially care about creating such places in parking lots under offices, hospitals, supermarkets and shopping malls.

Change in traffic rules?

The organizers also want changes in traffic regulations. Specifically, it is about the introduction of Article 8b, which reads:
Art. 8b. 1. A pregnant woman driving a car marked with a parking card may not comply with certain road signs regarding the prohibition of traffic or parking, to the extent specified by the provisions referred to in art. 7 item 2.
2. The provision of para. 1 shall also apply to the driver of a vehicle carrying a person mentioned in art. 8b.1.
3. The parking card should be placed behind the windscreen of the motor vehicle in a way that it can be read.
4. A parking card for the person referred to in par. 1, is issued on the basis of a certificate issued by a doctor specializing in gynecology and a pregnancy card, but not earlier than before the beginning of the 10th week of pregnancy.

And you, what do you think about it?