Marilyn maternity tights

Manufacturer of maternity tights Marilyn offers a wide range of tights, socks, leggings, gaiters. But how do you propose pregnancy tights? In short, you can write that on average ... Marylin tights for pregnant women are available in different thicknesses - 20, 40, 60 DEN. You can choose the model that suits you best. The price is not frightening, although it is a bit overpriced: depending on the place from 16 to 20 zlotys.

The manufacturer boasts that tights improve circulation, prevent fatigue and swelling. Is it true? Yes, as long as we assess the very fact of the "width of tights", which are actually prepared to accommodate a roomy tummy. Unfortunately, in the part where the abdomen is located, as well as in the posterior part it has two visible joints of the material that can disturb. Although the manufacturer writes on the package about flat seams, in this respect tights could be refined better ...

We assess durability as good. However, these are not elegant, but matt tights. They don't add sex appeal, which one could count on especially during pregnancy.

Our overall rating