Crayons to paint in a bathtub 6 colors

Crayons to paint in a bathtub 6 colors

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We will receive the product in many store chains. We bought crayons next to us at Pepco for 5.99. There is not much information on the packaging. The most important of them is that the pencils are suitable for children over 3 years.

Crayons do their job well. Thanks to them you can create many designs in the bathtub or in the high shower cubicle. If we wet them in water, the resulting drawings will be much clearer.

The low price and the design of the crayons encourage you to buy, which allows you to eject the color cartridge systematically during its use (unfortunately, the mechanism stops working over time, and the pencils fall out). The downside, however, is the need for quite intensive cleaning of the surface covered with drawings to remove them completely. Pouring water and a slight rubbing only makes the pictures become slightly blurred.

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