Toy Vertigo Stamps

Toy Vertigo Stamps

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The set includes 12 stamps with animals (lion, turtle, hippo, kitty, lamb, chanterelles, monkey, dog, tigers, teddy bear, elephant and bunny), ink pad (blue and red) and notebook. Just a simple move on the grid to reflect the selected animal on it and in the selected color: once blue, once red.The set is very handy to use. Perfect for little hands. Animals bounce clearly, and washable mascara even when it covers clothes, goes off after one ordinary wash. Each imprinted animal can be additionally colored and given as a finished work. There is a possibility of creating many variations and endless settings of animals, and even whole pictures.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the mascara is non-toxic and safe for the child.

Plus also for the price: about 20 zlotys.

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