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It happens that there are too many clothes. This is one of the main sins that young parents commit. Unfortunately, there are many more mistakes. The leading place among them is occupied by newborn clothing kit, i.e. clothing that is often bought on the spur of the moment and without thinking, and which during use turns out to be extremely impractical and uncomfortable.

Dresses in size 56

They are beautiful. When you see them in the store, until your eyes smile. After nine months of carrying a little Princess in her tummy, we would dress her up with a beautiful dress at the very beginning. The truth is, however, that enthusiasm remains only on our side.

A newborn baby in this outfit will not feel well. If we manage to dress a child in such a dress at all (most likely, the dress will be too small for most children already in the second month), we have to take into account the smaller comfort of the child. In addition, let's not hide, dressing a small, small newborn in a dress, adding even tights will not give us the effect we would like.
There will be a time for dresses when the child is bigger. When she will hold her head firmly and then sit, then the dress will look much better than on a sleepy, very delicate baby ...

Rompers or blouses with backs

The producer of such freaks galloping imagination drew in a goat's horn. Offering clothing fastened on the back with plastic or metal press studs, it offers a series of tortures with classic buttons sticking into the back.
The delicate body of a newborn and younger infant, who sleeps most of the time and lies on his back, does not accept such solutions. Horror, loudly manifesting your dissatisfaction. Parents will soon find out about their inaccuracy, who will have a real problem in putting on clothes fastened on their backs ... They will do gymnastics and get tired, which with the first child, where dressing is a big feat, adds stress. It's better to do without him.

Sleepers without naps in the crotch

Generally, most have them, but there are also those that do not have them! These rompers require complete undressing to change their diaper, which at night can effectively wake the baby from sleep and trouble ready!

Snaps are especially useful for younger infants who need to have a more frequently changed diaper (especially those who are breastfed).

Zipper in the crotch should have sleepers and clowns. Ideally, if they also have dungarees. Just unbutton the bottom, remove any tights and we have excellent access to the diaper and less stress when changing the toddler outside the home.


Here, the matter is not so obvious ... Kaftaniki is the item of clothing of a newborn and baby who has entered the canon of the most necessary things. In some ways it is helpful, but not with the assumption it should serve ...
Kaftanikas put directly on the baby's skin like to roll up, get out of sleepers and sleepers. They work rather only in conjunction with reliable bodice, which can be worn under the jacket.

Blouses without buttons on the shoulders

We can find many such blouses for newborns and infants.
The cost of creating a cut and buttons on the shoulders is small. Despite this, producers are still insisting that parents get tired by putting blouses over the head. Of course, you can deal with this problem by stretching the material in your hands, but for what? It is better to save yourself nerves and use solutions that make changing easier ...

As a side note, it can be added that the best for newborns and younger babies are bodysuits and rompers fastened with envelopes, which do not need to be forced through an unstable head.

Imprecise numbering

Moms and dads don't have an easy life. In one store they have to choose baby clothes marked only "0-3 m", which means that the given body or rompers will be good for a child up to three months old. This labeling of clothing by manufacturers is silly, to say the least. It remains deaf that every child is different and not all of them fall within the average "size" and weight in a given month. In addition, it introduces confusion, requires a parent to go to the store with a pattern, clothes that the toddler wears, which serves as a template ... And it's probably not the point to make life difficult for parents, but to make it simpler ...

Numbering is another matter. Size 62 from different manufacturers may look completely different, stunning more than one parent. If that wasn't enough, it's not difficult to find freaks of the size type described as 62-68 or discount clothing, which, for example, size 56, is larger than that 62 ...

Proposal? It is not worth suggesting size. Instead, it is better to trust common sense and intuition, which unfortunately usually develops after a few months, and where it does not appear, it remains to go to the shops with measure. Unfortunately ... There is another way - always buy clothing in one store where we know the size or ... create your own brand of clothing for babies :)


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