Hand puppets Titta Djur Ikea

Hand puppets Titta Djur Ikea

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Finger puppets in the Ikea network are available in several versions. We test animals.

In the package that we get for less than 20 zlotys, there are 10 different characters: turtle, elephant, lion, frog, mouse, panda bear, hare, elk, shark, parrot. All characters are easily recognizable and just as easy to use. They allow you to play the theater either on a special stage or just during a trip. The small size is comfortable because the toy can be taken anywhere with you. The toys are designed for hand washing at 30 degrees. They can be purchased not only on the Ikea network, but also in online stores. So many pluses. There are also minuses: the basic is the lack of an attached pouch or packaging that would allow storage of toys. Minus for the material from which the puppets are made: 100% polyester. In addition, it seems that the price could be lower ... The value for money is not the most favorable.

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