Ultrasound part - a new trend?

Ultrasound part - a new trend?

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There are many ideas sprouting in the United States. There is a fashion that comes to other countries and is spreading all over the world: for hen and bachelor parties, and for a baby shower, and now for an ultrasound party.

In the west it is becoming fashionable inviting friends home and enabling them to suspect a baby in the tummy of a future mother. Thanks to modern technologies, including portable ultrasound devices, it is possible and more and more often practiced.

The woman lies down on the sofa, a nurse or operator sits next to her, puts the head to her belly, and the guests gather while enjoying the interesting-looking trunks, watch the child in the belly of the future mother.

The operator shows different parts of the body, and the gathered guests guess what they are currently watching and who the child looks like on an ultrasound monitor, taking into account certain features: and this is the nose, and this is the profile or length of the legs. Everything in 3D or 4D ultrasound image.

Ultrasound parties usually take place on Saturday or Sunday evenings. Watching your toddler on high quality apparatus in the company of friends costs from 100 - 350 dollars. Peeping a toddler at home is rarely medical, based on playing and savoring what you often don't have time at home. Sometimes it is connected with discovering sex and emotions connected with it.

Opponents of ultrasound party indicate that ultrasound is a safe method of observing a child before birth, but it should be used as a diagnostic apparatus. The long-term effect of the device used to a larger extent than necessary is not known.

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