Finger paints and stamps

Finger paints and stamps

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The manufacturer Colorino Kids provides ten paints of different colors in one package. Each paint is a small tube with a screw cap and a small foam, with which you can reflect stamps on a piece of paper. Individual packages with a specific color of paints can be combined with each other by sliding them into the grooves prepared for this purpose, which increases the convenience of storage.

How do paints work in practice? Plus for good color selection, vivid colors and ease of dipping and drawing sticks. Paints dry quickly on a sheet of paper, which makes creating them very pleasant. Minus for the concept and execution of stamps that are not very convenient to use. To make the stamps reminiscent of the characters and shapes placed on the cap, a series of precise movements must be made, and the effect is medium.

Minus also for the price: for paints you have to pay about 20 zlotys.

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