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Blunt Canpol scissors

Blunt Canpol scissors

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There comes a moment when you need to cut your fingernails for the first time. Some recommend that you do it immediately in the hospital after delivery, others suggest that you wait until you return home. Schools are different. Both agree that the child's dream is the right moment. Take a deep breath and reach for the clenched tiny hand, trembling so as not to wake the child. Snip ... and ... unpleasant surprise. Unpleasant, if you were tempted by the most popular and cheapest Canpol Babies scissors on the market.
The Canpol Babies scissors rank first on the list of extremely bulky (photo on the left). To handle these scissors you should add a detailed instruction manual - they cut well only at the right angle. They are difficult to manipulate, after using them often instead of a nice croissant shape, curves appear ... and sometimes even jagged small nails. The structure of the scissors in no way makes it easier to grasp tiny nails (due to the rather thick blade).

In addition, the scissors get blunt quickly and are not durable.

Price from 7 to 9 PLN.

Scissors, which can be seen beside, are not very practical. This proposal from Canpol is unfortunately only slightly better than the above. The scissors come in various handle colors, they have thick blades that do not allow you to cut your nails freely (they are easily shortened slightly, but cut so that the baby does not scratch, this is a real challenge). It is difficult to get these scissors between the fingertips and the nail. In addition, for small nails, the sheath on the handles bothers, which covers the area currently being cut. And the clipping effect? Often crooked nails with jagged tips.

Price: 7-10 zlotys

Canpol defends itself with one product. Gold scissors in the set with nail file and nail clippers turned out to be the best in the tested proposals. Perfectly cut, they have rounded tips that give a sense of security when maneuvering with scissors. Unfortunately for large men's hands they can be cumbersome to use, simply not fitting in your hand. In addition, it seems quite controversial to attach to the file set, which in the case of soft and small nails seems unnecessary.

Price: PLN 11-13