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Play Doh Dentist set

Play Doh Dentist set

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The Play Doh Dentist set is one of the proposals in which the play dough plays the main role. Hasbro toy takes longer, not only children, but also adults. Above all, however, it can be considered a 100% educational toy. It allows you to tame a dentist and prepare your toddler for the first teeth inspection.

Tames reality

It is not without reason that fear is said to have big eyes, and the children's imagination is amazing. Often, the unknown causes fear in children. It stresses unnecessarily and is the cause of many problems. Psychologists argue that the best way to prepare a child for certain events is to talk often, and above all to initiate situational play and accompany the child in doubt.

Making the toddler aware of what may happen to him, especially in the case of children who find it particularly difficult to find themselves in new situations, who do not like changes, allows them to gently survive difficult moments.

High durability

The toy is durable and can be played endlessly. All elements are very carefully made, they reproduce their prototypes well. When the included dough is over, there is no problem buying more batches. In contrast, the device "for drilling in teeth" you can easily buy batteries and play endlessly.


The toy can be easily moved. Thanks to the fact that its individual parts can be unfolded, their storage is very simple and at the same time convenient.

For three-year-olds

An excellent toy for children over three years of age (due to small parts or for younger under the constant care of an adult).

The toy has a specific function, which is why I consider it a definite, undeniable hit. However, I would not recommend it to people looking for something creative, which will allow the child to have fun in many different ways. In the case of this set, the fun consists of performing specific activities and focuses on specific topics. For some it may be a disadvantage ...