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Starting the adventure with this headscarf, you can be effectively discouraged from carrying a child. The wheels in this sling are uncomfortable, they stick into the body, while the strings cause discomfort to the child. The sling is impractical both in a cradle position and on the hip. Establishing it in any way is a school of survival: for the parents' nerves and for the child's patience.

Not for a newborn and small baby!

The scarf has a pillow. However, surprisingly, for a child to be comfortable (which is quite difficult to implement), toddler should be placed diagonally. In addition, many media reports that such a pose of the child is simply dangerous! Orthopaedists often discourage this scarf (legs are too close in the cradle position, which may cause dysplasia)! This is not a sling for a newborn or small baby (only for a child holding his head stiffly).

How was our case? The child completely did not accept this solution. It cried when I was sitting and when I got up the headscarf changed position, stretching downwards. Even repeated attempts, watching movies, consulting about this topic did not allow the daughter to be arranged in such a way that she would not be "bent" in the sling. In addition, the assumption that the sling is to free your hands does not work at all. When I got up, I had to support my daughter from below. Just look at several online forums to find a lot of similar reviews ...

Inconvenient for an older infant

However, in a vertical position, in which the elbows are to be lower than the bottom, it makes the child slide out of the scarf. Even pulling the top does not allow the child to bend back (no support for the spine). And this load on one shoulder ... for people with even minor changes in the spine that cannot be passed.

The sling also has holes for the strap, which are actually useless (thanks to them you can fasten a child in a sling to a car seat).

Plus for the wide range of colors, durability. Minus for the stiffness and low breathability of the scarf.

The new shawl costs PLN 150-200. You can get a headscarf at a much lower price on auction sites.

Proponents of scarves disagree with identifying this product with scarves. They speak of him with a "contempt" bag. It does not change the fact that the product appears in stores and other services just under the term ... headscarf. And most often he has unflattering opinions.

Will it work with you? It is possible ... However, before buying, I advise you to test not to throw money away.


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