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Win gloves: results

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We invite you for new fun. You can win hand-made gloves by the talented Reader, whose work you can see on the website.

Two gloves in one

Gloves were created after being inspired by the photo above. Placed on the parent's hand, they allow a small handle (measured on the handle of 3-year-olds, also suitable for younger children) to be inserted into the parent's hand. In this way, the glove has the hand of the parent and child.

What do you have to do to win gloves? It's very simple, just comment on any article on the site. We will distinguish two of the most interesting answers, whose authors will be awarded with gloves such as below.

Prize in the competition

The competition lasts until January 21, 2013. The results of the competition will be published by January 25, 2013. Details of the competition and regulations are available here.

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