Games to teach children to separate words in a sentence

Games to teach children to separate words in a sentence

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If we are used to reading stories and poetry with our children aloud, emphasizing the pauses, we will achieve that little by little, they will understand the meaning of the different words and, more importantly, they will ask if they do not understand it, because the Children are naturally curious and that will help them learn in a natural way.

To teach and motivate children to separate words in a fun way, as we have done so many times, we will use games.

The word is the linguistic unit with meaning that is separated from the others by pauses in pronunciation and blanks in writing. The sentence is the set of words with syntactic autonomy.

Children must come to understand that people relate words to convey a message. Once children have the ability to understand that a sentence is made up of words, we can begin to work on learning to separate them and, for this, it is essential that they understand the meaning of the words and understand the meaning of the sentence.

To achieve this, we can make some stickers of these four emoticons, for example;

- For each well separated word you will receive the "Very good" emoticon.

- For each wrong word separated you will get the second "look again" emoticon

- If the child separates all the words well, we will put the third "applause" emoticon at the end of the sentence.

- In case they are badly separated, the last one will be "try again" emoticon at the end of the sentence.

To start we can choose short sentences, leave exaggerated spaces and make long pauses between words so that children can clearly see the separation between them. For example:

Until the words are correctly separated, the "applause" emoticon will not be applied. Little by little children they will realize that sentences are made up of different words with their own meaning and that with them they can transmit the message that they want.

And why not keep playing with emoticons?

The game supervisor will read aloud different sentences, always taking into account the age of the children who enter the game. For example:

My mother has curly hair: the child will have to write the sentence and place an emoticon "very good" per word, if he does it correctly, in our case, he will add 6 "very good" stickers and one for "applause"

Another option may be for the supervisor to first say the number of words in a sentence and, for the child to choose between several displayed in full view of all those with the same number of words. If you do it right, you will get a new "clap" emoticon.

Whoever gets the most "clap" emoticons will be applauded enthusiastically by the rest of the children.

To finish, I leave you a phrase by the writer Ana María Matute (1925-2014) «The word is the weapon of humans to approach each other»

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