The best classical songs for children

The best classical songs for children

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Songs of a lifetime to enjoy with your children.


This song is ideal to encourage children to take a bath; It can motivate them and make that moment fun and enjoyable. Stimulating the little ones in this way can help them to adapt more easily to a hygiene routine and at the same time improve the communication bond with their mother.

Do not miss the lyrics of the song: Los patitos

Its origin comes from the Berbers, who call young children "arrau" or "arrew" and it was introduced by the Guanches (aboriginal tribes of the island of Tenerife) in the Canary Islands; later it arrived at the Peninsula with the Arabs and finally, it transcended borders towards countries of America. This lullaby is a classic to help babies fall asleep.

Do not miss the song of Traposo: Arrorró mi niño

Sung for several years by various generations, “soy un Taza” has rhymes and a very lively melody that will teach the little ones some objects used in the kitchen. I am a knife, a soup plate, a flat plate, a ladle… Who can resist dancing to this fun song?

Do not miss the song of Traposo: I am a cup

Known for having been performed by clowns on TV, this song is perfect for a family outing, where children often need to entertain themselves and not despair along the way. It can also be a nice dedication to the parents on a special date or simply to show them affection.

Don't miss the lyrics to the song: In Daddy's Car

Singing is a great way to teach a universal story like "Noah's Ark." Dancing to the rhythm of this song, the child will also learn the names of various animals, it will promote communication with their parents and improve their coordination.

Don't miss the song from Traposo: Noah's Ark

Known both in Spain and in Latin America, this popular song brings with it a very fun dynamic in which parents sit on a chair and put the child on their knees, facing each other, then grab him by the hands or arms and swing him forward and backward. This will help the child develop stability, good posture, and affection.

Don't miss Traposo's song: Sawdust Aserrán.

A well-known song that we have all heard at school or sung by our parents. "Let it rain, let it rain" invites us to play and at the same time to learn about the seasons of the year. Enjoy a joyful moment on a rainy day! sure that you and your children will have a great time.

Don't miss Traposo's song: Let it rain, let it rain.

Song written by the Spanish Jacobo Morcillo during a trip he made by train to Galicia, during which he was inspired by a cow that was walking through the area. As soon as he got off the train, he broke into a rehearsal by maestro García Morcillo (a prestigious musician), to ask him to put music to his stanzas. Thus was born the classic "La Vaca Lechera".

Do not miss the song of Traposo: The dairy cow

Stimulate your child with a popular and traditional song like Pin Pon. Perfect to teach the little ones, habits, values ​​and principles. The importance of friendship, manners when eating or good habits such as personal hygiene, are some of the lessons that the Pin Pon doll leaves us.

Don't miss the Traposo song: Pin Pon

Designed for the little ones, this song of Anglo-Saxon origin has become a classic before going to sleep. An ideal lullaby for children to enjoy a relaxing, tender moment and above all to have sweet dreams.

Don't miss Traposo's song: Estrellita, where are you?

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