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IKEA wall lamp for a child's room

IKEA wall lamp for a child's room

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Simple and essential in every home. Well made and at an attractive price. Available in three colors and patterns (moon, flower and star). Easy to assemble and use daily. These are just the basic advantages of this product.

The lamp gives dim light, ideal for reading fairy tales in the evening and getting ready for sleep. Earlier, it will be used during night feeding and changing the baby.

It does not heat up, so there is no fear of the effects of accidentally touching it by a child. It is equally important that after heating, the plastic does not smell, which unfortunately happens with cheaper products of this type.

Thanks to the long cable, the lamp can be easily turned on, making it easy to use. In addition, the design itself is light and easy to install, and replacing the bulb (not included) is not a problem.

Subdued, soft light means that it can not be the primary source of lighting, but used as an add-on. An important advantage is also the price - about PLN 40.