Tricks to get you into labor

Tricks to get you into labor

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If the mother has already gone out of accounts or has passed her estimated due date, there are some trucus that can trigger childbirth naturally. Their practice is not always guaranteed to be successful, because they are not technical, nor do they work as methods to trigger labor. They are just little aids that can sometimes start labor contractions.

The gynecologist will confirm your gestational age by ultrasound to determine if you have exceeded the deadline. Other complementary tests should also indicate that the baby is in good health. Through monitoring, the doctor can know if the oxygen he receives, through the placenta, will allow him to endure labor.

If you have already passed your due date and your doctor has confirmed your good health and that of your baby, you can try to put these natural aids into practice to trigger labor.

- Sexual relations
Sperm has prostaglandins, which can help trigger labor, as they are hormones that are used synthetically to induce labor artificially. Therefore, make love whenever you want. It is important that your partner ejaculate inside the vagina. In addition, orgasms cause contractions in the uterus, which can serve as training for labor. This measure is contraindicated if your water has already broken, due to the risk of infection.

- Walk
Walking is one of the best known and most used tips when trying to speed up labor. The walks, going down the stairs sideways and dancing with the hip wiggle can trigger uterine contractions. By performing these exercises, more pelvic movements are produced, which can help the baby lower and latch in by pressing on the cervix to initiate dilation.

- Nipple stimulation
Through massage or suction, labor can also be triggered. Stimulation of the nipples, as happens during breastfeeding, causes an increase in oxytocin in the blood, which is the hormone that starts labor. It can be done by hand, with a breast pump, or with a baby.

- Relaxation
Labor usually comes when you relax the most and think about it the least. When a woman becomes nervous, the body secretes adrenaline, a hormone that acts as an inhibitor of oxytocin, which is responsible for starting labor.

- Laughter and good humor
Laughter helps remove emotional and physical blocks. Forget the sorrows and worries, if your delivery is near.

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