The best games and toys for children ages 2 to 3

The best games and toys for children ages 2 to 3

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At this stage, between 2 and 3 years old, our little ones they stop being babies and that is why they begin to define their tastes and preferences.

It is clear that as parents we want to give the best to our children, and from Guiainfantil.comWe want to offer you some activities and games with which we can stimulate them by enjoying them. They advise us experts from Nemomarlin Nursery School.

1. Symbolic game: It is based on the imitation of real situations. Games that make them become what they want to be. In doctors, moms and dads, hairdressers ... It is likely that they themselves encourage you to play it with phrases such as:

- "Now you are the baby"

- "Come and put the thermometer on you"

(Always keeping in mind that in their language, as we always say, each one has a different evolution).

2. Textures: We can even make the texture games with recycled materials, taking advantage of things that we have at home and with what they have a great time, since they are still in the discovery phase and each one of them is a surprise!

3. Stories: It is important to start at this stage to promote the taste for reading since in addition to creating a good habit, we are enhancing the imagination. Some titles to highlight: 'The colored monster', 'What does the moon taste like', 'The magic yellow box', 'Skull pirate', 'The very hungry caterpillar' ... From an early age we must start working on emotions, to be able to recognize and express them.

4. Games to improve fine motor skills: It is also important to work on everything related to fine motor skills, since thanks to it they will be able to do things as basic as writing or eating correctly. Many times we offer them colors so that they can work it from home in some way, but there are activities that are very fun for them and with them we develop it the same or even more. Some examples would be:

- Paste stickers

- Handling plasticine

- Insert depressors in a box through a slot

- Cut papers and make paper balls

- Make easy cooking recipes, such as cookies or cakes

We hope you find them interesting! Finally, one thing that we cannot forget at any time, enjoy with them! The best way to learn is through play!

Elena Garcia Miranda

Director of the Nemomarlin Sanchinarro School

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