Breathing exercise to practice Mindfulness as a family

Breathing exercise to practice Mindfulness as a family

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The basis of relaxation it's in the breath. Therefore, the first exercise to practice Mindfulness must go through the attention to the breath. To do it, you don't need anything: just to be sitting in a comfortable place. It can be on the floor or on a chair. The goal is to focus your attention on your breath.

1. A bell rings. You must realize how is your body: how are you sitting, what are you sitting on Notice how your feet are on the ground, or your knees. You notice how your hips are. The back that is straight but relaxed. The hands can be resting on the thighs. The jaw, slightly forward.

2. Draw a small smile on the mouth. You realize how are your emotions, if you are thinking of something right now. And you decide to bring your attention to the breath.

3. Observe how are you breathing. Feel the air coming through your nose and slowly traveling into your lungs. Let 5 minutes go by like this.

4. You realize that thoughts and emotions come and go, because before any thought, you return to focus on breathing.

5. When the bell rings, you open your eyes and discover that you are relaxed.

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