Baby monitor with night lamp M7933 Fisher Price

Baby monitor with night lamp M7933 Fisher Price

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The shortest way to comment on this device is: "for occasional use, but it may not work every day, especially for very demanding customers." Nanny fulfills its function, works in accordance with what the manufacturer promises, but also has quite serious disadvantages. Primarily the reception is not cleanmust be kept in mind humming and cracklingwhich happens not so rarely. Minus also for battery life, which quite quickly refuse to obey, if the electronic nanny watches over them.

On the other hand, the device is available in quite attractive price (around 120 zlotys), so looking objectively, there is no reason to expect perfect reception for such an amount.

In addition, a great advantage is the equipment of the nanny in bedside lamp, which is an interesting element that allows you to comfortably change your toddler and look into the cot. Plus also for large range and possibility of using the device "through several walls". There is something else, in addition to the nanny sound system, it also informs about crying and more rapid movements of the child, through the lamps placed on it, which illuminate in red.

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