The English hideout. Traditional game

The English hideout. Traditional game

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exist classic games to those who have played children of all generations and from different parts of the world that are part of the children's tradition. One of them is the hideaway, a classic among classics that continues to stand the test of time.

Since We want you to remember the games of your childhood and teach them to your children so that they continue to last over time. Go ahead and remember the rules of English hide and seek together.

Hide and seek is a universal game that has been passed from generation to generation leaving unforgettable moments in the childhood of children. In addition, it also has several versions, one of them is known as English hideout.

To play hide and seek English, the procedure is the same as with the original hide and seek. A child must have his eyes covered and his back to the rest of the participants, the other children instead of hiding must stand several meters behind and advance little by little while the one who joins recites without looking at the following phrase: 'un, two, three to the English hideout without moving hands or feet. '

The moment you finish reciting you will have to turn around and the rest of the participants will have to stop and make the statue. If one of them is caught moving, it will be eliminated.

However, if one of the companions reaches touch the back of the flirt, it will free the eliminated and it will start all over again.

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