Non-spill mug with a sports mouthpiece Mam

Non-spill mug with a sports mouthpiece Mam

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Product review I could have started with the fact that serving non-spill mugs meets with growing opposition from speech therapists and that there are more and more voices to use cups that do not allow liquid to spill occasionally. With this assumption, it can be said from the very beginning that the price of almost PLN 40 for a 330 ml container is very high. Especially if we have to use it ... sporadically.

However, let's start with the pros: a mug can serve as non-spill and water bottle (in the latter function, however, the cheaper equivalent may work as well, which we can buy for just over PLN 10, i.e. almost 4 times cheaper). Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not allow the exchange of valves between the various cups I have, in any case you need to have the original for a specific model, which of course is, among other things, to complete this type of accessory by a parent and spend money.

The mug does not leak and fulfills its purpose in this respect. It is available in three colors. Worse with availability. We will not receive the product in most supermarkets in Poland. The easiest way to buy it online.

The disadvantage of this cup is also the non-ergonomic shape and the fact that it can be difficult to drink from it even for a 2-year-old, not to mention the year-old.

Also, do not pour hot drinks into the cup, as the valve stretches and leaks due to heat. The general complaint is, however, a high, in our view, unjustified price.

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