Overextended mothers: it's not you, we are all

Overextended mothers: it's not you, we are all

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A few days ago I received a link to an interview with the Chilean actress Lina Meruane, who has lived in the US for several years and published in Mexico a reckless essay called Contra Los Hijos (Ed. Tumbona). The note had the provocative headline "Tyrant Sons, Servant Mothers" and was critically referring to the place where we have placed children as a society and overexertion to which we mothers are subjected.

Despite not being a mother and according to herself, not experiencing any devotion to children (and perhaps for that reason she was able to do so), she says that she is surrounded by exhausted mothers who motivate her to share her thoughts about today's society, where according to the author, mothers can't even complain about how busy they are.

His criticism focuses on two aspects: the central place in which we have placed the children, and the lack of understanding of public policies regarding this situation. The actress maintains that there is a paradox that families have fewer children than one or two generations ago and men generally collaborate more, but nevertheless, women are more demanded.

On the one hand, children occupy a much more central role today than before. Years ago adults organized their lives and spent time with their children at dinner and they were responsible for homework, and having a lot of time to play. Now parents feel compelled to do homework with their children, to take them to dozens of extracurricular activities. Meruane says: "Now it is the responsibility of the parents that the children do well" and maintains that before it was not like that, but that the children were responsible for themselves. Now women have great social pressure and must be good mothers, wives, friends, professionals, etc., and etc.

And to top it all, they have little state aid. Meruane says that just as there are family issues in which the State intervenes, such as abortion and adoption, the State should support economic issues such as a child premium, subsidy for babysitters and nurseries, enough days of leave for birth and illnesses of children, etc.

Therefore, there is an issue that concerns us internally and that is let the children be a little more independent without worrying every day about the content of the food, brushing teeth, reading the day, screen hours, etc. and on the other, demand more. Make our voices heard because we are valuable and with more help we can provide even more to society. You add up?

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