When the teacher says one thing and your child another, who to believe?

When the teacher says one thing and your child another, who to believe?

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It is a very common circumstance: the teacher puts a note on the agenda because your son does not stop talking in class, but when you ask the child, he swears and swears that it was not him, that it was "Manolito", but that They always blame him.

It can also happen that the teacher complains in tutoring because your child sometimes refuses to do the assignments and, nevertheless, When you talk to your son he keeps swearing and perjuring that such a thing never happened, who to believe?Should we assume that the child is lying?

They are common events, which have occurred since there are teachers and students: the teacher scolds the child for his bad behavior and the child says that he did not go. In fact, you may have experienced it in the first person.

Let's start from the basis that sometimes they pay justly for sinners, that is, it happens that it is a student who is chatting in class but someone else takes the blame, either the one who usually talks regularly, or the one who at that time made a simple move. Far from these small injustices, things get complicated when they are not isolated scolding, but something more frequent: when the teacher relates a certain behavior of a student that he denies outright.

Is my son lying? Will the teacher have a mania for him and exaggerate? Parents are in that position when there is confrontation between teacher and student at school. When in doubt we can:

- Ask another trusted student about what is happening in class, and that an impartial view gives you more information to be able to act accordingly.

- Do not discredit the teacher in front of the child, belittling his work or calling him a "liar", the only thing that is achieved is to make the situation worse.

- It's also not fair that you call your son a liarPerhaps his perception of reality was different, perhaps it is true that the teacher has him in his sights or perhaps he is simply afraid of your reaction. Give him the benefit of the doubt and talk to him about what is happening in class, try to get to the truth.

- If you think that the relationship between the teacher and your child is deteriorating, it would be convenient bring positions closer together with regular meetings.

- Propose the teacher to write down on the school agenda how was the behavior of the child with smiling or sad faces. In this way, the child will also feel reinforced to behave better and bring many smiling faces, it is true that their attitude in class is not adequate or, at least, you will be able to follow what is happening day by day.

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