Why do parents and children have dinner together

Why do parents and children have dinner together

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Day after day articles and research continue to appear that reinforce the importance of family dinner. How about we remember some of them?

According to a note from Emuna Braverman (who has a law degree from the University of Toronto and a Master's in Psychology from Pepperdine University) family dinners collaborate to:

- that the boys achieve better grades in school.

- that obesity develops less.

- that they are less likely to generate addictions.

- to achieve stable mental health.

- to achieve better social relationships.

If they have all these benefits, we would say that it should be one of the basic habits of all families. However, the circumstances of modern life mean that fewer and fewer families are able to establish this routine. Either because the boys have extracurricular activities and come late, or because the working hours are very long, it is a habit that is being lost.

- If we can't have a family dinner every day of the week, at least set two or three times a week in which they are sacred and everyone must cancel other activities in order to respect them. And if it is impossible, change it by day, but do not ignore it.

- Adjust our times to our priorities. If family is really important, we must make time for these dinners to happen. When the boys are older They will assume that it is normal to put aside other activities for the family dinner.

- If, due to work circumstances, it is impossible to dine together, this time should be replaced by another meal: breakfast, lunch, snack on weekends. But a familiar moment around the table should be established.

- Don't pretend it's a long dinner with a great after-dinner of several hours. That is not very viable. If they can meet even 30 or 40 minutes, that's enough.

- Clear rules: At lunchtime, no devices: no cell phones or television. A little time for each one to tell how their journey was. If you have several children, it is likely that some are more talkative than others, therefore some will talk non-stop and others will hardly say more than one sentence. It does not matter. Let's respect the differences. Knowing how to listen is also an interesting exercise.

- Start with this practice when they are little, even if they eat a different food. In the early years, many parents prefer to feed their children so that later they can have dinner quietly. My recommendation is to start the family dinner routine as soon as possible.

- No elaborate dishes are needed. It is more important to share the moment than a great dinner. Even if they are sandwiches or a light salad, you can put all the ingredients on the table and prepare and eat them all together. Improvisation also works.

Are you ready for dinner today?

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