The little snail Gustavillo. Stories for children

The little snail Gustavillo. Stories for children

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There are numerous famous and traditional stories that educate children, as well as stories that are written by parents themselves to teach values ​​to their children. offers the opportunity for parents who, in addition to caring for and educating their children, also write stories for them, to share their writings here with other parents. On this occasion, we publish the story 'The Snail Gustavillo'that a mother has sent us. A beautiful story about a snail, which talks about coexistence. We hope you like it!

Gustavillo was a little snail who lived happily at the bottom of the sea; he swayed to the rhythm of the ocean currents, he rested on the sand, looking for a ray of sunlight and from time to time he took his walks.

One day a crab saw him and said:

- I can live with you?

Gustavillo thought twice and in the end decided to be, like an ancestor of his, a hermit crab.

The crab inside the snail began to live together and soon the problems began: the crab put its tweezers in its nose, made noises when it ate, did not help with cleaning ...

One morning Gustavillo told the crab everything that should not be done, patiently, explaining that:

- Picking at the nose is rude and can also hurt

- Always chew with your mouth closed

- You always have to collaborate in the cleanliness and order of where you live

The crab fell silent, left the house and was lost for several days.

When he returned he spoke with Gustavillo and between the two of them they made a list of the things that, in order to be together, they had to do so that everything worked well.

From that moment on they got together to live together and were very, very happy, the crab gave Gustavillo long walks and the snail wrapped around the crab when there was tide.


(Story sent by Maria del Carmen Castillo - Spain) And if you or a family member or friend writes children's stories, be sure to send them to: TELL US A STORY!

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