Giving birth without an epidural

Giving birth without an epidural

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The moment of delivery is something that has kept thousands of pregnant women awake at all times. The stories of other moms who have been through it and the uncertainty in the face of the unknown makes this day unsettling. Will everything work out? Will it hurt a lot? Will I be able to measure up?... Be that as it may, nothing that you have imagined, envisioned or desired can resemble the moment itself.

Our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and other ancestors gave birth without an epidural and never imagined that one day they could give birth with hardly any pain. Epidural anesthesia is so widespread in the developed world today that thousands of women have experienced childbirth in a different way than in the past. However, there are still those who give birth without an epidural, either because of a personal conviction, or because of the impossibility of putting it in at the time of delivery. I'm one of them.

My third delivery was so fast that it was not feasible to administer the epidural, as much as I begged, I despaired and, why not say it, I screamed, there was no way to convince the midwife. 'There is no time, everything will go very fast, don't worry', he told me smiling while I writhed between the most intense pains I had ever felt. However, the midwife was right, Ignacio was born quickly and once he was gone, all that pain was gone and my recovery was incredibly fast.

All the nurses on the floor, and from different shifts, congratulated me for having given birth so quickly and without an epidural, for them the best form of natural birth. I, who still remembered the pain, looked at them with disbelief and thinking that surely they were speaking without knowing the facts.

Today, months later, I understand what they were saying, despite the bad times I experienced, because I recovered much better and earlier than in my two previous epidural deliveries. In any case, I, who am not at all brave, would continue to ask for an epidural in childbirth. Why deliver without epidural yes, it hurts.

In any case, the option of administering the epidural is personal and, each woman decides to live her delivery, within the medical limits, as she wishes, either in the hospital or at home. For those who want to go through childbirth without any type of anesthesia, there are different mentalization and concentration techniques that allow them not to suffer so much during childbirth and control their nerves, which are always such bad allies at this time:

- baths with hot water to relax and reduce stress.

- breathing exercises to reduce tension.

- inflatable balls that mothers sit on to help the child descend through the birth canal.

- lumbar massages that the father can apply.

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