How to teach public speaking to children

How to teach public speaking to children

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Public speaking is a word that is linked to the art of public speaking eloquently with the intention of informing or convincing.

For most children and adults speaking in public is a bad drink. Trembling hands, sweating, pulse racing and, all because we are not used to doing it, that is why we must work on this skill as soon as possible, starting at home and continuing at school.

At home we can motivate children to tell us their stories and to express their own ideas without answering for them (many times we do not let them).

One way to achieve this is to read stories and stage them, catching their attention will make them notice us and little by little they will learn to express themselves, it is also an excellent resource to have a good time with children and create emotional bonds between parents and children.

In my family, for example, at Christmas parties, young and old, we prepared dances, theaters, songs and games, to later represent one in front of the other on New Year's Eve, and in addition to having a great time, this type of family activities have given an excellent result over time and have been very beneficial for the then shyest children in the house to overcome the fear of « make a fool of themselves ”and, little by little, as adults they have managed to speak in front of others without problems.

Public speaking is learned by speaking in public, therefore, we must motivate children to do so through different activities and games, thereby making them learn to debate and defend their ideas.

I think that teaching children in school to speak in public is fundamental, (starting in class in front of the teacher and their classmates). If we can create a climate of trust in which they get used to it and do it naturally through games, poems, tongue twisters, theaters, recitals, etc. it will clearly benefit the little ones in their future life.

Yes they write, read and write They will be able to structure their ideas and, therefore, it will help them to better explain themselves when speaking and communicating.

I think that public speaking should be given much more importance in school because it is a way of teaching children to believe in themselves and enhance their self-esteem with all the benefits that this entails in their future life, both work and personal.

To finish, I leave you a phrase by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873) «The magic of the tongue is the most dangerous spell»

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