Massage enhances the well-being of the baby

Massage enhances the well-being of the baby

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Infant massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures that has been rediscovered in the West. Through tactile stimulation, parents are nurturing the affective contact with the baby and establishing the first ties of the bond that will unite us forever.

Discover step by step this subtle, tender and pleasant technique that helps baby loosen his body and tone his muscles It has opened a new window for many mothers, who, like me, have found the key to relax and calm their babies when they need it and thus enjoy the experience of being a mother much more.

There are many types of massage and each of them is indicated for a particular moment. Relaxing massage is a very special sensory experience for the baby because it helps you fall asleep, calms you and prepares you for a peaceful sleep. Both parents and baby should be relaxed to enjoy this massage in privacy and without interruptions.

After bathing, before dinner or half an hour after taking it, it is the ideal time to enjoy it. Another type of massage that helps both the baby and the parents overcome the irritability caused by infant colic during the first months of life is abdominal massage.

Perform gentle circular motions, clockwise, on the baby's belly while slightly moving his legs up and down, helped my baby a lot to improve his discomfort and to be less uncomfortable every day. Through the abdominal massage technique, my baby and I learned a excellent resource to calm your discomfort.

Because the colic always started at the same time, a massage half an hour before they appeared helped him overcome it and after a week of massage I began to notice that the time that his colic lasted was less and less.

The stimulating massages also liked us both. In the morning, before dressing him, they encouraged him to start his play session. Although there is a massage for every moment of the day, we should not abuse them. Only fathers, and more specifically mothers, have a sixth sense to interpret what happens to our baby.

Using a relaxing massage one day when we feel more nervous, offering a stimulating massage when we see that he is somewhat down or starting the abdominal massage technique when he has colic can be the great little secret of parents to enhance the well-being of our baby.

You can check out these videos to learn how to massage your baby. We explain to you from the hand of an expert how to do relaxing massages, to relieve colic or stimulating massages.

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