Children's teeth brushing

Children's teeth brushing

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Taking care of the teeth and gums of babies and children is essential for them to enjoy of good oral health when they become adults. To prevent oral diseases, which are mainly cavities and gum diseases, it is enough to follow correct dental hygiene and eat the right foods.

It is always advisable to remember that we must brush our teeth and gums after every meal, and always before going to bed. This last brushing is the most important of the day, since cavities can be more destructive during sleep. Children's toothbrushes should have a small head and a small amount of toothpaste the size of a pea should always be used. Teaching children to brush their teeth as a habit or routine helps prevent oral disease, however brushing should be supervised until young children know how to do it correctly.

These are the general recommendations for all but children who have asthma and use inhalers, or cough syrups that contain sugar. should brush their teeth after taking medications. And to cure bleeding gums, contrary to what it may seem, you have to insist on brushing. In addition, it is important that all children go to the dentist for a check-up at least once a year, especially children with chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Regarding food, juices, soft drinks, smoothies, sweets, pastries or sweets are sugary foods that can cause cavities. Therefore, it is advisable to limit their consumption, that is, not take them daily or use them as rewards to motivate good behavior. Water is the best drink for both children and adults, it is recommended to eat five meals a day and avoid snacking between meals.

And we must not forget what the process of formation of cavities is. For children to understand and become aware of the importance of good dental hygiene we could summarize the process of formation of cavities in an operation related to mathematics: bacteria in the mouth + sweet foods + time = acid = cavities. In other words, when sugary foods come into contact with bacteria in the mouth (dental plaque) an acid is produced that attacks the tooth enamel and can gradually destroy it completely.

However, little is known that the hole that caries produces in the tooth does not only cause local damage, but that caries also causes delayed damage to other organs of the body such as the kidneys, the heart and the joints.

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