Co-sleeping offers more benefits than risks for the baby

Parents are always the same. Should we carry our baby in our arms or not? Should we let him sleep with or without light? Is it advisable that we let our baby sleep in our bed? The co-sleepingAs this practice is better known, it is like everything else, it offers advantages and disadvantages, although I believe that it is a valid option and that it is up to each family to choose and decide how to sleep at home. My daughter came to our bed during the night, a couple of years ago, and I think that has not compromised her development.

Should parents and children share the same bed or not? This is a very old practice and a discussion that every day arouses the interest of parents and specialists. There are many reflections in this regard. The advocates of sleeping with the baby, usually also advocates of breastfeeding, argue that children who share a bed with their mother breastfeed more times than those who sleep alone and, furthermore, that it is a very effective practice to stimulate attachment and the bond between parents and children.

Those who go against this practice argue that it can increase the risk of sudden death or suffocation, alter sleep habits later in the baby's life and even hinder independence or interfere with the relationship between parents. Primary care pediatrician Dr. MarĂ­a Aparicio says that it cannot be confirmed that it is a safe practice, especially during the first 14 to 20 weeks of the baby's life. The ideal, according to her, is that infants under 6 months sleep in a crib next to or attached to their parents' bed.

Having the baby close can increase the alertness of parents to possible cases of apnea during sleep. She also highlights that co-sleeping is contraindicated in the face of recent consumption of alcohol, drugs or medication that induces a deeper sleep in those who share a bed with the child, and even more so in the event that one or both parents smoke. or sleep with your little one on the couch.

For the rest, I think that children who escape to their parents' bed do so to find shelter, shelter, a "cave", something like a kangaroo mother's bag. They are like premature babies in an incubator, waiting for contact with the hand of their mother or father. If you let your child sleep in your bed, do not forget that you should not cover him excessively or cover his head with the sheet or blanket.

I, many times, I miss that time when my daughter came to our bed to sleep with us. Therefore, I still think that each child is a world and the needs of some may not be those of others. Of course, if you agree that your child sleeps with you, do it responsibly and with great care.

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