Is it easy to conceive a child?

Is it easy to conceive a child?

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There is a saying that says: 'nature is wise', something very true, since our body gives us signals, warnings and warnings about new situations. Nature prepares us during pregnancy with bodily and emotional changes that will prepare us for a future motherhood. But does nature always have its ways to achieve our reproductive goals?

Sometimes, there is no one who understands nature! Surely there is a why for almost all situations, but how can it be explained that a couple who have conceived their first child without problems, then I can't do it with the second, or how it is possible that two brothers are 10 or more years apart without their parents having done anything to prevent pregnancy (10 years of infertile period!). Well, these situations are more frequent than we think.

Is it easy to conceive a child? Probably not. And I am not referring to the problem of conceiving due to sterility, organic problems, being over thirty or having unhealthy habits. For some couples it is extremely easy and for others not so much, although in both cases the same physical conditions exist.

I have some friends who had a fertility study done because their children were not arriving and they wanted it greatly. They did a complete study both and the result was that both had a perfect functioning of their reproductive system, ideal age, good physical condition, good eating habits and frequent relationships. This couple had everything to be able to conceive successfully and, however, the arrival of their first child did not come until four years after trying.

Interestingly, her second and third children came to the first try, what happened then? There are many factors why couples can have cycles of infertility (even with a duration of years), which can sometimes be caused by a situation of nervousness, stress or anxiety, but in others they do not have a clear or apparent explanation. Many times, when we relax or when we throw in the towel, that is when the miracle takes place. Nature has the answer, but we do not always come to understand the cause of these blank spaces in our reproductive capacity. Conceiving in many cases is a complex system of organic synchrony between man and woman, easily alterable. The characteristics of the sperm, the viability of the ovum, the fertilization by the sperm of the ovum, the implantation in the uterus, the hormonal and emotional aspects ..., there are many factors that intervene at the time of procreation.

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