The love of a grandson for his grandmother

The love of a grandson for his grandmother

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One of the first viral photos in 2015 was that of Giancarlo Murisciano, a 28-year-old Italian who posted on Facebook a picture of himself carrying his grandmother Antonia, 87 years old and suffering from Alzheimer's. The image was accompanied by a text full of affection towards his grandmother who has touched thousands of people around the world. This leads me to the following reflection: how important are grandparents to grandchildren, but also grandchildren to their grandparents.

Giancarlo published this image that has already traveled the world, moving thousands of people. The text that accompanied the photo was: 'This is love too ... Maybe it wasn't the best December 31 of my life ... but this is also part of life ... before it was you who welcomed me in the lap and now I do it with you, granny, without shame or fear... to remind everyone that life must be lived and fought ... it is easy to write words on Facebook or elsewhere ... but in life you must always be present. This is my wish for 2015: the presence of someone close, who can protect and comfort us and also make us happy and smile at us. '

There is always talk of how important grandparents are to grandchildren. They bring them love, security, stability, protection, affection, education ... The adjectives that we can give to those grandparents who go out of their way for their grandchildren would be endless. However, today when I saw this image a phrase that my father-in-law repeats: 'my life has changed since I was a grandfather, and for the better'.

Many grandparents today could not enjoy their parenthood well, either because they worked long hours or because the upbringing of children fell mainly to mothers. However, nowadays grandparents change diapers, take their grandchildren to the park, read stories to them and teach them valuable lessons. Grandparents and grandmothers raise their grandchildren while their parents work and this is a truly enriching union for both of them. And is that Grandchildren, in my opinion, also bring many positive things to their grandparents:

- Grandchildren make their grandparents rejuvenate, they bring them joy and will to live.

- A grandson is able to get the best values ​​of a grandfather, who strives to give the best of himself.

- Some studies affirm that grandparents who raise their grandchildren suffer from fewer depressions.

- Grandparents and grandmothers can learn from new generations, not only a new vision of life but also to be up to date with new technologies: computer, mobile, tablet ...

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