Thrombophilia, a risk disorder in pregnancy

Thrombophilia, a risk disorder in pregnancy

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The woman who suffers several spontaneous abortions without apparent cause that cause them can suffer a thrombophilia and not know it. This entails severe pain and of course the thought of not being able to become a mother.

Although having a thrombophilia does not always affect the normal development of pregnancy, when diagnosed it should be put in the hands of a hematologist so that he can assess the treatment to apply.

Thrombophilia is a disorder that affects blood clotting and those who suffer from it have a greater predisposition to suffer thrombi. To diagnose this disorder, it is enough to carry out a specific blood test.

Thrombophilias can be hereditary or acquired, the one with the greatest impact on the normal development of pregnancy being the ‘Antiphospholipid syndrome’. Most people who have it do not have symptoms that make them suspect that they are affected by this disorder until they a thrombotic episode or several repeat miscarriages occur.

The formation of clots can obstruct the blood vessels, making it difficult for oxygen and necessary nutrients to reach the baby, which endangers his life.

The use of hormones that is used to stimulate the ovaries in fertility treatments, as well as the pregnancy itself and the puerperium itself increase the risk of suffering from thrombosis, if to this we add a thrombophilia there is a greater possibility of having spontaneous abortions Recurrent, placental abruption, placental insufficiency, low birth weight or premature birth.

Treatment of thrombophilia during pregnancy consists of unfractionated or low molecular weight heparin. It is an anticoagulant that prevents blood clots during pregnancy and is sometimes given after delivery as well.

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