The lesson about happiness that you can teach with a boat to children

The lesson about happiness that you can teach with a boat to children

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This lesson maybe finally show the secret of happiness. It may sound exaggerated, but when a child, and also a teenager, hears and observes this great example, suddenly all the chaos that rules over him begins to find order.

It's a very old lesson that a philosophy professor gave his students. Yes, happiness exists. It all depends on how we organize our values ​​and priorities in our life. Here you have it.

The video relives the lesson that a teacher gave his students in his day. A lesson that definitely opened their eyes. They finally understood how to be happy.

The teacher comes to class with an empty jar and a full briefcase. Wore in him golf balls, pebbles, sand and beer. Each one of the things that the briefcase kept, had to be placed in the empty jar, that represents the life of each person. But not in any way. Not in any order. Each object represents something. And each one has its place. In order to fill the pot to the maximum possible and that all the objects enter it, you must take care of the order. In fact, every time the teacher asked his students, is the jar full? They answered yes. And yet there was always something more ...

1. The first thing the teacher put in the pot are golf balls. They represent the most important things: family, friends, health, love.

2. The following were pebbles or small stones. These are also important things, which build on the others: work, home, material goods like the car ...

3. Then he filled the pot with sand. Sand represents the simple things in life ... luxury goods, fashion, whims ...

4. Finally, when everyone thought the pot was too full ... the professor poured a beer above. Which means, the teacher explained, that no matter how busy you think you are and how full you feel your life is, you should always reserve a space to spend time with friends.

The order of what fills our lives, according to this incredible life lesson, is essential to enjoy and be happy. If we fill the boat with sand, the golf balls and pebbles will not fit. If we fill it with the pebbles, nothing else will come in. That is to say: if you give more importance to the small things, you will not be able to enjoy the really important things in life.

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