Spongebob makeup for kids

Spongebob makeup for kids

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If your child is one of the thousands of followers that SpongeBob has, we will teach you to make a fantasy makeup of this nice character so that you can dress him up.

In We teach you, step by step, how to make a SpongeBob makeup to complete a fun children's costume. Don't forget to use hypoallergenic paint.

  • Makeup sponge
  • Thick brush
  • Fine brush
  • Yellow, white, black and red paint

1. Paint the entire face yellow using a makeup sponge but leave the eye socket unpainted.

2. Use the brush and white paint to paint the eye socket. Also make two teeth and white balls around the face to make the effect of a sponge.

3. With a brush and black paint, outline the eyes, the teeth and make some lines from the corner of the lips to make the big SpongeBob smile.

4. To finish, contour the face, draw some long eyelashes and with red paint some red dots on the cheeks. You already have your SpongeBob makeup!