Tips to avoid absent mother syndrome

Tips to avoid absent mother syndrome

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The lack of conciliation, long work hours, financial problems or excess daily tasks mean that many mothers do not have the enough time to strengthen and foster a healthy and strong bond with your children.

It may also happen that the mother has a cold and distant character and this has an emotional and psychological impact on the child, generally in a negative way. It is the syndrome of the absent mother.

A cold, unapproachable or distant relationship between the mother and the child causes the child's development to be affected. You may suffer from problems with nutrition, motivation, health, lack of affection, low self-esteem, poor communication or behavior problems, among other circumstances.

We must bear in mind that mothers play their role to the best of their ability or knowledge. Nobody does it perfectly and they do it dragging the knowledge they have acquired from the models from previous generations.

To avoid being absent from the mother-child relationship, the first thing to do is really be with the little ones, both in body and mind.

To achieve this, parents must do self-evaluation and ask themselves:

- Does my son see me accessible?

- Do I spend quality time with my children?

- Is my focus on other things such as looking at my cell phone, doing homework, etc., before my children?

Thanks to being able to answer these questions parents andmothers can realize the relationship they have with their children. Once the situation has been evaluated we can follow these tips:

- Listen to the child. Hearing is not enough. It is necessary to pay attention to what it tells us. Dedicate the time you need 100%.

- Communication. Children seek acceptance and it is through words that they find the answer. Therefore, the lack of these brings with it a lack of communication and acceptance.

- Caresses and contact. From contact, children also learn and feel. Thanks to this tactile stimulation, children recognize themselves bodily and are emotionally “nurtured”.

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