10 things only siblings understand

10 things only siblings understand

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Do you have brothers? If so, you are sure to recognize all these unwritten rules between siblings. They are those conditions that do not need to be discussed or agreed, because they are implicit in a fraternal relationship.

What's more, these things between siblings tend to happen in every house, here and across the pond, now and 20 years ago. In fact, your children may already be enforcing those rules.

1. Fights between siblings are life or death, like in the movie The immortals "It can only be one". But if they hear Mom or Dad coming, they automatically separate and pretend to be reading, playing peacefully, or looking out the window, even if they have messy hairs or a huge scratch on their face.

2. The television remote is the first to pick it up, can also be applied to the tablet or the PlayStation. But if he gets lost and leaves it on the table ... it's the law to pounce on the device and hunt it down before the brother realizes it.

3. No one can hit your brotherEither at school or in the park, because the brothers defend each other and protect each other, yes, you can give him capons, shoves or hair pulling, that's what his brother is for.

4. Kicking yourself under the table over meal is a way to settle past grudges or simply a way to test your brother's pimples.

5. Share room It will be part of the childhood of the brothers. It will have its good moments, such as laughter at night before going to sleep and bad moments, due to discussions about space.

6. The jokes between brothers only understand themThey can burst out laughing, spend half an hour non-stop laughing at something that you won't be able to understand no matter how hard you try.

7. The brothers have almost without complaint situations such as: wearing socks two sizes smaller because there has been confusion when placing the clothes in the drawers or; wear clothes inherited from the older brother all his life.

8. Snitching is part of the sibling's survival manual. It is essential to avoid punishment and scolding from parents

9. Never uncover your intervention in a prank If your mother is scolding your brother, it is essential to put on the face of not having broken a plate and let the other take the punishment.

And there is still one more rule ... the best ...

10. There is no better companion for adventures, adventures and experiences than a brother.

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