When your son tells you that you are very bad

When your son tells you that you are very bad

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You are the baddest in the world! If your children tell you, you can be calm. However, I want to tell you something: if you are not ready to hear it, you are not ready to be a mother. In we tell you why.

Because if parents do things more or less well, at some point they will come across this phrase. Educating is frustrating. It is going from doing "what I want" to "what I owe." And that angers, especially boys increasingly accustomed to indulging their whims. I say that parenting is the most cruel job that exists, because the approval of that job, we will know in 20 or 30 years, or perhaps more.

Unlike a report that we prepare for our boss or a presentation that we present at an event where after a few days we know how it went, many years will pass with our children until we can say: “I definitely did well”. However, we must be clear that approval must be given by life itself, not by children. If they always tell us that we are the best in the world, it is that we are doing things wrong, because it means that we absolutely agree to all their demands and in this way we are not teaching them to take responsibility for their own lives.

Parents are adults, who have more experience and knowledge of the world and we are prepared to educate them. When your child throws a tantrum I ask you to remember these words and say to yourself: I am educating him, I am educating him!Stop always doing what I want to do what I must, is one of the most important things that your children have to learn during childhood. Because what I have to do is contemplate the other. Doing what I want is to think only of myself.

And the world cannot function if each one thinks only of himself. That's clear. Think what would happen if a teacher does not get up one day to teach because she does not want to, or a doctor prefers to go to see a football game than to attend an emergency delivery. So when you say NO and your child complains, throws tantrums, cries, screams, think: I am educating him, this is what I have to do.

As if that were not enough, every day it seems more proven that lasting loves are the fruit of the unique, singular, unrepeatable ability in any other species, that humans have to love and hate each other at the same time. Unlike other species, humans have mixed emotions. Therefore, being bad for a while is not serious for you, nor for your children. On the contrary, it is good for the relationship. Because a child who incorporates that his parents set limits on him, knows that limits are also love. Good luck and not to suffer! When you are "bad", you are educating.

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