Is the opposite always the opposite? For children, sometimes, no

Is the opposite always the opposite? For children, sometimes, no

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It is important to make sense of the concepts when we try to get our child to learn something. Before starting with the practical part, I always dedicate some time to offer an explanation about the game that we are going to launch and, thanks to this, I admit that I have laughed a lot with endless curious anecdotes and phrases for posterity that have released the children.

One day I was teaching my little boy the relationship between opposites while I was cleaning up the kitchen. At first, I was excited because it got it all right: hot-cold, black-white, wet-dry, top-bottom, inside-outside, sad-happy. Everything was going great until, all of a sudden, I said, sitting down? He was silent, thoughtful and said very seriously:

- I dont know!

- But, if it's very easy, don't tell me you're giving up ... And he said:

- I don't give up, it's just that I don't get a single word.

-Well, say it using more than one. And he released me doubtfully:

- making things.

At first, I was amused by the joke, but while I was laughing, at that moment I understood the immense projection that parents have on our children. As a mother and a reference, my son was learning from me that if he wasn't sitting, it was because he was busy doing something. For him, the opposite was obviously not standing up, since he had surely never seen me standing up and doing nothing. And it's that when I get home, I always have something to do and the worst thing is that I'm not the only one, right? The house is not made alone and it waits for us patiently, while the tasks, far from being diluted, accumulate.

So when I sit down, it seems that the world stops for a moment for my rest and that is when I can enjoy a little bit of leisure. Psychologists say that taking time for yourself every day, before going to sleep, is essential so that stress does not wreak havoc on our health. Conquering healthy lifestyle habits is a challenge for the daily routine. It is important that we do it for ourselves and for our loved ones, do not let it pass. Parking our obligations for a while every day puts us in a better mood, removes stress and contributes to improving mental and emotional well-being.

Marisol New.

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