What is normal, to be great or to abandon yourself after delivery?

What is normal, to be great or to abandon yourself after delivery?

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If you are one of those who are surprised to see the famous look great after having given birth recently, welcome to the club of ordinary mothers. My friends and I have wondered many times how they will do it, how is it possible to be so beautiful and so thin, if hardly a month has passed since they had their baby.

"Of course, since they have help and they have everything done, they have all the time they need to take care of themselves." Phrases similar to this one, which we too have sometimes thought, are used to hearing at the hairdresser or at friends' meetings around a cafe. And it is that although genetics plays a determining role when it comes to recovering in the postpartum, having taken care of yourself during pregnancy and, above all, not neglecting yourself after the baby is born, it is essential.

I remember the case of a friend who, overwhelmed by the birth of her baby and the care of her other child, needed her mother to take charge of her feeding because she got anemia. Another, on the other hand, began to gain weight "from being bored at home for so long," she said. She gained so much weight that her cholesterol and triglycerides skyrocketed and she had to start a diet recommended by her doctor.

But, the worst thing we all have in general is not going out, not getting ready for lack of time and not sleeping and getting up in the morning with a chard face due to lack of hours of rest. And it is that investing in us, in our well-being and in our personal care raises our self-esteem, improves good humor and transforms sorrows into joys.

Let's face it, how quickly a woman regains her figure depends on the pounds and inches gained in the nine months of pregnancy. After delivery, between 5 and 7 kilos are usually lost corresponding to the baby, the amniotic fluid and the placenta. The rest is gradually reduced in the weeks or months after delivery.

What is clear is that everything returns to normal sooner or later. If you have decided to prolong breastfeeding a little longer for your satisfaction and the well-being of your baby, keep in mind that it will take a little longer to lose weight, but then you will regain your figure without great effort. The pueperium is not the time to undergo a strict regimen.

Childbirth and child rearing require great physical effort from the woman, who must regain her strength through a healthy and balanced diet. In case of overweight, you can start a diet once you have finished breastfeeding. But, the weight loss and the recovery of the figure are gradual and do not occur immediately after delivery, but it takes some time.

In addition, even if all the pregnancy weight is lost, the same measurements are not always taken as before, due to the strain of the muscles. Without a doubt, a balanced diet and regular gymnastics will help you speed up the process and regain muscle tone more quickly.

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